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Going On Vacation

June 28, 2009

I just wanted to leave everyone with a little something to enjoy while I am on vacation. I am driving to Las Vegas, my youngest lives there and is getting married in July. So here are a few of my  vacation rules:

Never pick up a hitchhiker no matter how tempted you are.

*How about a lift


Make sure to take in the sights on the strip. Especially the multiple fountains.



Try to see the Chippendale’s.


Chipendale's in pool


Stay hydrated. It’s very hot in Vegas in the summer. The heat is deceptive.




And always try to help someone out if they are having trouble. (It’s the Girl Scout in me)




I’ll be back soon with more reviews.


Love and Seduction in Las Vegas by Dee Dawning

June 28, 2009

LoveandSeductioninLasVegasLove and Seduction in Las Vegas by Dee Dawning

Bookstrand Publishing

Thrust into her life one night by peculiar circumstances, Loretta Bishop, seventeen years Bobby’s senior, has been tasked with taking the shy, modest pretty boy under her wing and turning him into a lady’s man. Free spirited and sexually adventurous, Loretta is eminently qualified to teach him the elements of pursuit, seduction, and how to please women.

At first, being with Bobby seems like a dream, but clouds begin to gather from Loretta’s spotty and sometime sordid past. Feeling guilt after Bobby asks to marry her, Loretta is no longer able to continue and runs away.

Now, it’s up to Bobby to put the methods Loretta has taught him to practical use. Will he succeed and parlay his new talents into love, wealth, and power?

I was amazed at the depth of this story. It told the tale of four different people in explicate detail and   sketched the stories of two more couples. All the characters in some way or another had their lives touched by Loretta Bishop. I will say that the story is told in the first person from three different people and it is told in the present with continuous flashbacks to several different time periods in the past. I had no problem switching back and forth between characters and time periods.


Accidental Love by Sharon Cullen

June 27, 2009

Accidental LoveAccidental Love  by  Sharon Cullen

The Wild Rose Press

Newly promoted CEO of Gardner Securities and Investments, Nathan’s job is to save a tanking ad campaign that’s siphoning off mucho bucks from the company. His board of directors, not convinced he can get the job done, decides they need the help of Danielle Hollis, an ad executive who disappeared off the advertising community’s radar last year. It’s Nathan’s job to find her. However, Nathan knows where Danielle is because two days earlier she’d crashed into his car.

Nathan’s plan is simple. Get to know Danielle, then convince her to return to the world of advertising and save his company. However, Nathan never expected to be attracted Danielle. Neither did he expect her tragic story and the reason why she left advertising and went into hiding.

Now he has to decide whether to keep her secrets and lose his company. Or save his company and lose the woman he’s fallen in love with.


Guilty Pleasures by Renee Knowles

June 27, 2009

GuiltyPleasures1Guilty Pleasures  by  Renee Knowles

Siren Publishing

After his parents’ death, Nick Duvane gave up freelancing and took a job at the local TV news station to stay home and care for his younger sister. Now that she’s grown, he’s desperate to get back to the work he loves. However, his boss blackmails him into one final assignment: go undercover at a male escort service and expose it as legalized male prostitution. No problem. Except once he begins an affair with the owner, sexy, hard-headed Diana Grady, how can he deceive her and destroy her business all for an exposé?

Diana Grady’s failed marriage and financial struggles drove her to make her escort business a success. She’s poured all of her energy into Pleasures and ignored her personal life. But when intelligent, steamy Nick Duvane enters the picture, she gives in to her passion. Yet Nick has a secret, and it just might shatter her…

Sex, lies and secrets. Disgruntled employees, and clients. With all of this in the mix, of course I thought this was a great storyline.  Diana Grady and Josie Reynolds own Pleasures Inc., a male escort service. I liked both of these characters. I wanted Diana to be happy with Nick because she had such a hard life and bad marriage. She tried to protect herself from men and I just wanted Nick to crack open the hard shell she had around herself.  Josie is a tuff cookie who looks out for herself and uses men. I wanted her to find someone to love and when she meets Mitchell Kendrick, I saw a possible future.


Too Hot To Handle by Robin Kaye

June 26, 2009

To Hot To HandleToo Hot To Handle by  Robin Kaye

Sourcebooks, Inc

He sure would love to have someone to take care of…

Dr. Mike Flynn’s single mom taught him early how to cook and clean, and there’s nothing like vacuuming or doing dishes to help a guy relax. Annabelle Ronaldi is an artist without a domestic bone in her body. Since her fiancé’s death, she can’t paint, and life looks hopeless.

Until the day after her sister’s wedding, when she wakes up with Mike next to her in bed, and then she’s really beside herself – because the handsome stranger is a dead ringer for her dead fiance.

After their mind-blowing one night stand, Mike is sure this is the woman he wants to take care of forever, but she acts like she’s seen a ghost. While Mike sets to work wooing Annabelle, she sets to work sniffing out the truth of the convoluted family secret that turns everybody’s lives upside down.

Robin Kaye proves she is no flash-in-the-pan with her second of the Domestic Gods books. Too Hot To Handle really was. At times I thought I would need gloves to keep from singing my fingers. From the first chapter where Annabelle awakes to a strange man in her bed to a surprising family secret, I could not put this fantastic book down.


Only In Paradise By Michelle Monkou

June 25, 2009

Only In ParadiseOnly In Paradise By Michelle Monkou

Harlequin – Kimani Press

La Isla del Azur is a piece of heaven, laced with miles of white-sand beaches lapped by crystal clear turquoise water. For teacher Athena Crawford, the lush Caribbean island offers the career opportunity of a lifetime. But there’s trouble in paradise: Collin Winslow, the education project’s difficult, drop-dead-gorgeous administrator. When they’re not locking horns over teaching methods, they’re sharing mind-blowing kisses that leave her confused—and craving more.

Collin was ready to dismiss Athena as an empty-headed beauty. Instead he discovers that she’s smart, sexy and dedicated to helping his people. Passion erupts as the island works its sultry magic, but can their delicate relationship weather the storms about to break?

A beautiful paradise but full of dangers from both man and nature, La Isle del Azur is the Caribbean island setting of Ms. Monkou’s third book in her Ladies of Distinction series.

Athena Crawford is a woman who is very proud of her heritage. She is a third generation teacher and loves to share her knowledge with others. With the death of her grandmother, Athena is motivated to make a difference and takes a position far from her friends and family. I commend Athena’s work ethics as I could see she was tempted from the moment she saw Collin at the airport.


The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton

June 24, 2009

thereluctantdom300x450The Reluctant Dom  by  Tymber Dalton

Lyrical Press

Love hurts…if you’re lucky.

Kaden knows he’s dying, but before he goes, he has one problem he needs to solve – he must ask his oldest friend Seth to take over as his beloved wife’s Dom and Master after his death. Seth has always seen himself as the perpetual screw-up and Kaden as the strong and steady one, so his friend’s request rocks his world.

Now Seth finds himself immersed in a role he’s far from comfortable with: inflicting pain to provide emotional comfort for the woman he’s secretly loved for years. Can he deal with his crushing grief and learn the skills he must master in time to become THE RELUCTANT DOM?

Let me start off by saying the I loved The Reluctant Dom. It gives a true picture of a Master/slave 24/7 relationship. Kudos to Ms. Dalton for all the hours of research she did to accomplish such a real life portrayal. I learned a lot about the art of Japanese bondage and also about flogging and whipping. I never realized that there were so many types of floggers and whips nor moves to maneuver them.


Mystic Charm By Kristin Daniels

June 23, 2009

MysticCharmMystic Charm  By  Kristin Daniels

The Wild Rose Press

Is a chance meeting true love or a mystical spell?

When Mia Bryant inherits an antique pearl choker from her late grandmother, the last thing she expects to see is a pair of sensual eyes shimmering in the center pearl. Certain the vision is a figment of her imagination, she sets the necklace aside, pushing the image from her thoughts. Months later, dressing for a party, the pearl choker calls to her. Helpless to resist, she slips it on, unaware that by doing so she will soon fall for the man behind those sensual eyes.

Logan Thomas is mystified when he meets Mia. A fierce pull draws him to her, and before he can stop, they’re kissing under a full moon. But when the revelation of a magical spell has Mia pulling away, Logan knows he must convince her—magic or not—they were meant to be together…

Mystic Charm is an interesting story about two strong willed people, vying for the same position within the same company and a fascinating necklace that may be magic.


Mr. Complete By Sheridon Smythe

June 23, 2009

Mr. CompleteMr. Complete  By Sheridon Smythe

The Wild Rose Press

“This is your lucky night. I just happen to be wearing black silk boxers.” That was exactly the kind of confirmation Lydia Carmichael was looking for. Proof positive that the drop-dead gorgeous date provided by Mr. Complete Escort Services was a gigolo. All she had to do was lure that bad boy into her bed and she’d put the slimeballs out of business. But Lydia soon learned she wasn’t cut out for this kind of under-the-covers work. Luke was not only hot with a capital H, he was also a considerate, caring man. As she discovered, there was a lot more beneath the surface than his sexy underwear and she found herself wanting to leave her tidy white-cotton life behind. If her secret wishes could come true, their bought-and-paid-for beginning would lead to a happily-ever-after ending that had nothing to do with money and everything to do with love.

Funny, witty and fast paced is this delightful story of gigolos, revenge and reversing the tables. I haven’t laughed so much while reading a book in a long time.


Master Sergeant By: Kelli Zel

June 21, 2009

MasterSergeantMaster Sergeant by  Kelli Zel

Wild Rose Press

When Lola Moore stopped at the grocery store, she had no idea she’d be picking up a Master Sergeant…After a brief flirtation with a hottie in the produce section, Lola hurries to her car, hoping to beat the predicted snow storm. Instead, she accidentally runs down the studly soldier with her cart. Though he assures her he’s fine, concern for his condition along with her body’s sizzling reaction to his heated touch
prompts Lola to take him home and administer a bit of personal first aid.

This was a cute little short that I found to be very enjoyable. When Damon blows off Lola by calling her old, she is crushed. Then the weather turns bad and the man in the truck behind her seemed to be a jerk blowing his horn at her. The man turns out to be flirting with Lola. I enjoyed her thoughts as she kept up the flirtation from her car. When she lost the truck behind her, I was a little disappointed.