Accidental Love by Sharon Cullen

Accidental LoveAccidental Love  by  Sharon Cullen

The Wild Rose Press

Newly promoted CEO of Gardner Securities and Investments, Nathan’s job is to save a tanking ad campaign that’s siphoning off mucho bucks from the company. His board of directors, not convinced he can get the job done, decides they need the help of Danielle Hollis, an ad executive who disappeared off the advertising community’s radar last year. It’s Nathan’s job to find her. However, Nathan knows where Danielle is because two days earlier she’d crashed into his car.

Nathan’s plan is simple. Get to know Danielle, then convince her to return to the world of advertising and save his company. However, Nathan never expected to be attracted Danielle. Neither did he expect her tragic story and the reason why she left advertising and went into hiding.

Now he has to decide whether to keep her secrets and lose his company. Or save his company and lose the woman he’s fallen in love with.

This is a sweet book of second chances. We have Dani Hollis who was a big shot ad executive in New York City now in hiding in Ohio and we have Nathan Gardner who is taking over his father’s floundering company and looking for real love. When I first read about Dani, there was no way I thought these two would get together. Then when they had a second and then a third chance meeting, well as they say, opposites attract. I loved how Nathan is bowled over by Dani and her ways. The descriptions of Dani and her things were vivid. I could see every earring and bangle that she wore.

I thought Nathan was a very sweet hero. I know of few men who would hold a secret and not try to have their goals accomplished however they could. Nathan showed his love by not asking and loving Dani for herself and not for Danielle. He also was great in helping Dani find her inner strength.

There were a few sub characters. The only one worth mention is Dani’s ex, William Delaney. He made Dani what she was and plays a part at the end. A truly evil man who manipulates everyone that he is able to.

A soul touching, sweet story of love and second chances.


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