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Illicit Attraction by Zena Wynn

August 30, 2009

IllicitAttractionIllicit Attraction  by  Zena Wynn

Phaze Books

When Catrina Jackson ducked into her hotel’s jazz bar, all she wanted was a chance to unwind after a long drive and a drink to soothe the disappointment of being stood up by the friend she’d come to see. She figured the massive diamond wedding set on her finger would deter any would be attractors. She was wrong. When also married hunky Darius Cornelio suggested they sit together to avoid unwanted attention, she thought it was a great idea.

His presence protected her from other men in the bar, but who was going to protect her from him?

Can I say seriously hot. Wow. I just loved Illicit Attraction. Ms Wynn does a fabulous job in creating the perfect setting for an affair to take place. There is the out of the way hotel and bar that is also the local hot spot.  And Catrina Jackson picks up more than what she is looking for when she is stood up by her friend. Or does she?

Cat is a middle-aged married housewife who’s husband is in the navy and is away more than he is home. When she is stood up, she is hit on by every Tom, Dick and Harry in the place. Darius to the rescue. Darius Cornelio is a young, hot stud who is also married and away from home a lot. He offers a solution to their mutual problem. Pretend they are a couple and no one will bother either of them. I was entertained by their conversations about each others spouses and their wants for the future. It was enjoyable how they tried to learn more about each other but still keep their spouses in the conversation.



Majestic Lion by Diane Taylor

August 29, 2009

Majestic_Lion_medMajestic Lion  by  Diane Taylor

Firedrakes Weyr

Whoever said Lightning and High Adventure don’t mix? Tara Michaels, student of Asiatic History and avid learner of Mongolian studies, is struck by lightning. What should have been a demonstration of horseback melee fighting for her classmates, turned into a fight for her life on the snow coated forests of Mongolia. Not only that, she discovers that she’s not only in the wrong place, but the wrong time. Literally.

Paired with a sinfully sensual Mongol warlord, will Tara be able to find out what destiny awaits her on the Steppes? Or, more importantly, will she be able to find her way home with her heart intact?

16th Century Mongolia and present day do not seem to have anything to do with each other but this sweeping panoramic tale involves traveling through time to prevent a cataclysmic catastrophe from destroying our modern world.

Tara Michaels is a Mongolian history buff and a re-enactor of ancient fighting techniques. When she was caught in the storm and the lightening hit, I didn’t know if she was alive or dead. Tara has endured so much already in her life with her parents throwing her out. I just wanted her to be well and happy. She finds herself thrown back in time to the Wolverine Clan in the middle of a battle that she basically singlehandedly wins for the clan.  Again, I cried for how much pain one person is left to endure as Tara is severely injured.


Tartan Mind by Selena Illyria

August 28, 2009

Tartan MindTartan Mind by Selena Illyria

Changeling Press

Kameron Conroy doesn’t like dealing with mortals, so he’s startled by the sudden urge to protect Lexi James when she comes into his pub. An attack from a werewolf leads to a passionate encounter before Lexi rushes off without a goodbye. Five years later they meet again at Conall’s wedding and have another steamy hook-up.

Lexi was running away from her family when she met Kameron. Now she’s back in Scotland and has taken the position of town librarian. When her ex breaks into her home, Kameron is there to save her but at a great cost to him.
Kameron has lost control of his mental abilities. Saving Lexi caused him to become trapped in his own mind. Can Lexi find help for him? Will they overcome his past wounds to be together?

For those of you who have been wanting more of the compelling Tartan Series, Tartan Mind really delivers. This is an in depth story of Kameron Conroy, his mate Lexi James and the O’Keefe pack.


Your Every Desire by Mary Eason

August 25, 2009

YourEveryDesire 5.99Your Every Desire  by  Mary Eason

Whiskey Creek Press

Maggie Malone might not believe in all that fairy tale stuff but Kylie Monroe had been in love with Aaron Winters from the very first moment she came face-to-face with the most amazing blue eyes in Texas. Aaron had practically launched Kylie’s business, Your Every Desire Party Planners and Sweet Shop, into success when his firm hired her to cater their annual Christmas party where she and Aaron became friends. Unfortunately, Kylie definitely wasn’t Aaron’s type; he only dated models. A single night spent in each other’s arms changes all of that. But can Kylie trust Aaron when he tells her that it meant more to him than simply mending his broken heart?

This is a cute story about misconceptions. Kylie Monroe has loved Aaron from the time she met him but believes he only likes models. I thought it was cute that she throws her roommate at him so he can date her since she believes he will never be interested in her. I liked Kylie as a character. I felt she was  a sweet girl who tried to make something of herself and her business and achieves a funny level of success.


Reason To Believe by Leslie Ann Dennis

August 24, 2009

ReasonToBelieve  6.00Reason To Believe by Leslie Ann Dennis

The Wild Rose Press

Lane Douglas is a die-hard realist, so when her superstitious grandfather tells her he will die if the tree planted long ago in his honor in Scotland is chopped down, she doesn’t buy it for a second. But when her grandfather’s health starts a downward slide, Lane hops on a plane and flies across the ocean to convince the landowner to spare the old, diseased oak. To her surprise the landowner is a devilishly handsome man named Conlan MacGregor. Practical Lane came prepared for a fight to save a silly tree, but she soon finds herself fighting to save her heart from falling under the magical charms of the hunky laird of Wolfscrag castle.

I found this to be a heart warming story of love, family and belief. Lane is a strong business woman who loves her grandfather and would do anything for him. Unfortunately her grandfather, Poppa, believes his life is linked to an oak tree in Scotland. I found the grandfather to be both very sharp and very superstitious. He is able to twist the characters around to do his bidding throughout the story.


Blindfolded By Lust by April Vine

August 23, 2009

BlindfoldedByLustBlindfolded By Lust  by  April Vine

The Wild Rose Press

A blindfold of silk to heighten all senses, adding sultriness to pleasure, mystery to identities…

Five years ago, Kelly Paton’s friends devised a New Year’s resolution to relieve her of her virginity and catapult her platonic relationship with David van Wyk into a mind-blowing passion-fest. But not only did the blindfold conceal Kelly’s vulnerability, it also masked the identity of the virile man who took as he pleased.

Nothing could have stopped Adam van Wyk from the blindfolded beauty dressing his brother’s bed. After all, she was only David’s present to himself, a dalliance while he waited on the virgin heiress he was in love with. Or was she?

Five New Years’ later, David once again has Kelly within arms’ reach but the wounds of betrayal aren’t quite healed. Can Adam resist reliving the tempting memories and put his brother’s happiness before his own, or will he risk it all and finally claim the one woman he’s ever loved?


Rekindling The Spark by Nicole Gestalt

August 20, 2009

RekindlingThe Spark 2.00Rekindling The Spark by Nicole Gestalt

Phase Books

Big, fat and frumpy is how Angela feels. After being married to her husband for more years then she can care to remember the spark seems to have gone. She still loves him as much as she ever did but somehow it’s just not the same. From the first moment that she sets eyes upon her young gardener Richard things begin to change and the spark turns into a fire – but who will end up with her affections?

I found Rekindling The Spark to be a unique story with a quirky twist. At first it seems to be the standard story of a housewife who believes she is unappealing and kind of gives up on sex with her husband.  I feel that how Angela views herself is how many woman who go through that time period in their lives may feel. I believe that Angela really loves Matthew but is unhappy with the ways things are and does not know how to change things.


Lady In A Box by Eliza Knight

August 15, 2009

LadyInABox_ 2.00Lady In A Box by Eliza Knight

The Wild Rose Press

Ian has been left Laird of Clan MacDuff after his brother Donell travels through time to be with his true love. The clan embraces him as their leader, and now to secure his own position, Ian decides he must take a wife. After imbibing on one two many gulps of ale, Ian toys with his brother’s brooch, the very catalyst to his present situation. When the air turns thick with fog, Ian panics that he’s traveled through time, but is comforted by the familiar surroundings of his bedroom. And what’s this? A beautiful naked woman is lying next to him…

Natalie Blackwood, a Scottish historian, wakes up in her own naughty fantasy: making love to a medieval Highlander who strums her body like a fine-tuned instrument. Even better, she’s in a medieval keep set up by–she thinks–her best friend. When it all becomes a reality, Natalie has some tough decisions to make.

Can she stay in Ian’s world? Beyond earth-shattering bliss, can Ian convince her they were made for each other?


Between Floors by Beate Boeker

August 10, 2009

BetweenFloorsBetween Floors by Beate Boeker

The Wild Rose Press

Sarah can’t resist a swim in the luxurious pool of the Grand Excelsior Hotel, though she hates to return to her room in a bathrobe, dripping wet. Just as she braves the elevator, a gorgeous man joins her. Sarah curses her luck and pretends to disappear into thin air, when all at once, the elevator gets stuck . . .

I just loved this story. I could totally picture it happening as I’ve shared an elevator with people going to the spa in hotel robes and slippers. Everyone at one time or another has had the elevator not stop on their floor or go down instead of up.

Sarah is a doctor with a fear of elevators. The elevator she gets on goes back down instead of up.  She then gets company on the elevator in the body of Marc Brandin, head-hunter.  The tension in the elevator can be cut with a knife as you read of Sarah’s unease. Then the elevator gets stuck.

I enjoyed the conversation between Marc and Sarah as Marc tries to get Sarah to relax. Ms. Boeker write sharp witty conversations that had me laughing at times.  I learned intimate details about the characters that I didn’t expect to in a short story.  The ending was a little quick but I enjoyed the very end. It reminded me of an old 40’s movie. Very suggestive. It lets your mind run with it.

I really enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from Ms. Boeker.

Vacation Reads

August 1, 2009

I’m going on a little  vacation after the wedding hubbub  so I won’t be posting for a week or so.

I figured I’d put up a few links for Free Stories that are out there. You can generally find them on your favorite author’s website and also your favorite publishing house or ebook stores. There are so many out there that I love. Here are just a few of my favorites:

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I hope everyone enjoys the stories until I come back. There are so many to choose from just from what I listed that I am sure you will find something to heat up your summer days. Enjoy.