Lady In A Box by Eliza Knight

LadyInABox_ 2.00Lady In A Box by Eliza Knight

The Wild Rose Press

Ian has been left Laird of Clan MacDuff after his brother Donell travels through time to be with his true love. The clan embraces him as their leader, and now to secure his own position, Ian decides he must take a wife. After imbibing on one two many gulps of ale, Ian toys with his brother’s brooch, the very catalyst to his present situation. When the air turns thick with fog, Ian panics that he’s traveled through time, but is comforted by the familiar surroundings of his bedroom. And what’s this? A beautiful naked woman is lying next to him…

Natalie Blackwood, a Scottish historian, wakes up in her own naughty fantasy: making love to a medieval Highlander who strums her body like a fine-tuned instrument. Even better, she’s in a medieval keep set up by–she thinks–her best friend. When it all becomes a reality, Natalie has some tough decisions to make.

Can she stay in Ian’s world? Beyond earth-shattering bliss, can Ian convince her they were made for each other?

Lady in a Box is the second story in The Highland Jewel Series. There are a few references to Warrior in a Box, the first story, but I had no problem following the story line and understanding everything that was going on. I must say that I found Lady in a Box to be a seriously hot and believable story.  It all revolves around a broach that when rubbed three times, transports your true love to you or vise versa.

Ian MacDuff is now the Laird of Clan MacDuff since his brother Donnell disappeared before his eyes. I found Ian to be a very smooth talker. The way he makes up a believable story to tell his clansmen about where Donnell went is great. Then he does it again several more times through the story in order to explain the appearances and disappearances that the broach causes. One of my favorite parts with the broach is when Ian inadvertently summons his love when he rubs it while pondering the intricate details of the Celtic knots on the broach. I laughed as he thought he was seeing things due to over imbibing.

Natalie Blackwood was the perfect transportee.  Not only did she speak fluent Gaelic but she was a history buff of Ian’s time period. It also helped that she thought it was a dream. I laughed when she walked naked out of Ian’s room and to the stairs. Even Natalie fainting when she realized it wasn’t a dream was believable.  I could see how she easily fell in love with the people, land, and laird of the time she always loved. All of that made making a difficult decision easier for Natalie.

Lady in a Box is a story that I know I’ll read again and again. I know I’ll be picking up the first story in this series and will anxiously await the third story, Love in a Box.


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