Blindfolded By Lust by April Vine

BlindfoldedByLustBlindfolded By Lust  by  April Vine

The Wild Rose Press

A blindfold of silk to heighten all senses, adding sultriness to pleasure, mystery to identities…

Five years ago, Kelly Paton’s friends devised a New Year’s resolution to relieve her of her virginity and catapult her platonic relationship with David van Wyk into a mind-blowing passion-fest. But not only did the blindfold conceal Kelly’s vulnerability, it also masked the identity of the virile man who took as he pleased.

Nothing could have stopped Adam van Wyk from the blindfolded beauty dressing his brother’s bed. After all, she was only David’s present to himself, a dalliance while he waited on the virgin heiress he was in love with. Or was she?

Five New Years’ later, David once again has Kelly within arms’ reach but the wounds of betrayal aren’t quite healed. Can Adam resist reliving the tempting memories and put his brother’s happiness before his own, or will he risk it all and finally claim the one woman he’s ever loved?

I found Blindfolded By Lust to be a riveting tale of a planned deflowering, an accidental automobile accident and a love triangle between brothers and an heiress. All of which takes place in the present and five years past.

Kelly Paton at first seemed like a spoiled little heiress who was looking to gift her boyfriend with her virginity since they seemed to be an item. As I got to know her, I found her to be a very caring person. She left David five years previously as she felt terrible over what happened with his brother and did not get back together with David until one month previous to New Years present day. I saw how much she cared for the van Wyk family when she stayed to help Adam’s mother with the party even through she had packed and was ready to leave. Kelly ran a successful business in South Africa and did not need family money in order to live.

Adam van Wyk seemed to be a responsible, hard working family man. He built his successful business, van Wyk Technologies, to take care of his mother and brother. He put his younger brother, David, through school.  I could see that he loved his family when he came to their New Years Party after five long years. I thought that Adam did nothing wrong when he had first met Kelly. It was a reasonable assumption that she was his present from his brother.

David van Wyk is a caring man who once held Kelly’s heart. He stays friends with her over the years and again is within reach of his goal with her. His character is not as well fleshed out as Adam’s in the story but he does make a good love interest for Kelly given their past history in this story.

I liked that Kelly believed that Adam didn’t know who she was. It was a very cute assumption. I also liked that Adam bows out because of being in the exact same situation with his brother years previously.  When history repeats itself in several ways, the fireworks flew. The ending has a cute twist that again refers back to five years previously.

I really liked this story of two hot brothers and the girl that they both love. I know I wouldn’t mind being the present for either David or Adam.


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