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Queen Of Shadow by Suz deMello

October 28, 2009

queenofshadows 5.95Queen Of Shadows by Suz deMello

Liquid Silver Books

Janus is a planet which lacks both tilt and spin, and its Shadowlands are the pewter band of dusk dividing the violently hot Lightside of the planet from its Darkside, imprisoned by eternal night. Due to moderate temperatures, the Shadowlands are the most livable portion of Janus, the most heavily populated and wealthiest.

Because of the peculiar conformation of the planet, birthrates are low and indiscriminate sex is encouraged for everyone except the unmated Queen of Shadow, the most powerful person on Janus. She cannot fully indulge her lust; should she become pregnant, her baby’s father would become King of Shadow.

Audryn, Queen of Shadow, has reached that time in her life when she must choose a King to rule with her or fail to bear an heir, casting not only her realm but all of Janus into chaos. Despite her duty, she is reluctant to share power, even a bit distrustful. Certain Shadowland nobles vie for Audryn’s hand, and rival factions of DarkDwellersfight among themselves for the right to send candidates. The more organized Children of Light send their Prince-Scientist to woo Audryn. Although she enjoys trysting with all her suitors, none seize her heart. Then Storne, the warrior Prince of Darkness, arrives to claim her as his bride. Will his masterful ways allure or repel the willful Queen?



Nine Lives by Melinda Barron

October 25, 2009

Nine LivesNine Lives  by  Melinda Barron

Changeling Press

Cat shifter Ophelia Brown lives a nomadic life. She travels from town to town, dancing at clubs, and trying to help others with the money her parents left her. But when she gets to Denver things change.

Club owner Conner Riley is very attracted to his new dancer. He and his boyfriend, Fox Nichols, have always appreciated the female form, especially O’s. But when strange things start happening to O, it’s up to Conner and Fox, a private detective, to figure out what’s happening before their shifter loses any more of her nine lives.

I enjoyed this story of shape-shifters and attempted murder by Ms. Barron. I found myself enthralled by not only the storyline but by the character of Ophelia.


Fearless Heart by Johanna Riley

October 22, 2009

FearlessHeartFearless Heart by Johanna Riley

The Wild Rose Press

Miranda Hansen has been in love with Luke Dannon since the first time she visited the Lazy D Ranch at the tender age of ten. For the past fifteen years, she kept coming back, trying to find the courage to confess what her heart has always known and prove she’s not one of the typical tourist he distrusts. But this year will be the last year—and her last chance to prove to Luke that they belong together. Will her fearless heart prevail or will Luke’s pride destroy all she’s ever dreamed about?

Miranda has been carrying a torch for Luke since she was ten years old. She knows that it’s time to grow up and let childhood hopes go and she will, after one last try. I like that Miranda gives it one real shot after fifteen years of playing around with her summertime childhood friend. She gave him something to think on when she tried to tell him what she was giving up. My heart was crushed when she laid it on the line and Luke called her a city girl.


Battery Drain by Don Luis de la Cosa

October 21, 2009

Battery DrainBattery Drain by Don Luis de la Cosa

Phaze Books

Alex’s life is pretty simple: hack through the back doors of a few multinational companies’ accounting sections, grab a million here, a million there, and feed his addictions. But a recent run in with a virtual security system forced him to reexamine his priorities. That’s when Morgan reappeared in his life. Morgan – seductive, deadly, beautiful raven haired assassin that haunts men’s dreams, walks out of a crowd and hands him the opportunity for a new kind of mission, one that includes her as a bonus prize. In return, Alex must become a cybernetically enhanced super-warrior, question his own humanity, and all along, Morgan fades in and out of his dreams, his personal experience, and continues to offer her influence and her sexual favors, in his life.

If you love your stories to be a cross between the Terminator and Dragnet, than Battery Drain is you’re your cup of tea. Written from Alex’s point of view, every word reverberated with masculine energy.


More Halloween Costumes

October 20, 2009

I know that there are many costumes out there.

I have put up quite a few but I wanted to show a couple of my favorites.


I wish Mario Lopez would come to my house and Trick or Treat in this costume he wore a while back.




I also a sucker for a man in a kilt.

Did I mention that the kilt is optional.


where's the kilt


I included this because not all costumes need to be elaborate nor cost an exorbitant amount of money.


mexican hat1


Hope you all have a Happy Halloween.

Halloween Pumpkins

October 19, 2009

In keeping wit the Halloween theme, I decided to show a couple of pumpkins.

I was never this creative when carving mine.


Drunk Pumpkins


Halloween drunk



I know if I had this pumpkin, I’d keep it inside next to me all the time.



Happy Halloween


More costumes next time

Halloween Costumes

October 17, 2009

I figured I’d do a little whimsical (in the non-traditional way) stuff for a couple of posts.

Today I figured I’d address Halloween costumes and what I’d like to see a hunk wear when trick or treating at my home.

I hope you like.


A Dragon


dragon thong


Gracho Marx


grocho marx


Happy Face


Happy Face


Red Snake


red snake






More Halloween Goodies the next time I post.

Hooked by Kate Davies

October 15, 2009

hookedHooked by Kate Davies

Siren Publishing

Madison McIntyre has been banished to the ends of the earth, or at least Westhaven, Washington feels that way to her. She has one month to prepare a resort plan for her company or she’ll be out of a job. She has gone incognito in the small fishing town, hoping to succeed where no co-worker has found success before. Dylan Edwards loves living on the coast of Washington. Ever since his ex-wife ran off to the big city, he’s been raising his daughter in the small town where he grew up. He’s content with his charter- fishing business, his life, and no city girl is going to interfere with that contentment. Neither one of them can deny the sparks that fly whenever they’re together, and the passion between them is as wild and untamed as the ocean itself. When the truth comes out, will their growing feelings survive the storm?

Hooked caught me from the first page.  It reminded me of the old boy meets girl movies where you root for the couple to get together and boo the bad guys who try to break them apart.  I found it to be a very entertaining book that had me laughing one minute then sizzling the next.


Masked Encounter by Samantha Gentry

October 12, 2009

MaskedEncounter_Masked Encounters by  Samantha Gentry

Wild Rose Press

When fantasy becomes too hot to handle, what’s a girl to do?

Trish Andrews wants one fantastic night of hot sex with her boss, Jonathon Rutledge, but how can she make it happen without him knowing the identity of his mystery lover? When an invitation to a masquerade lands on Jonathon’s desk, crashing the party in a killer red dress seems like the perfect opportunity to turn fantasy into reality.

Masked Encounter plays upon many of our secret fantasies. Who of us at one time or another in our lives haven’t imagined having sex with our good-looking boss? Unlike us, Trish doesn’t lack the nerve to something about it. What about the fantasy of sex with a “stranger?” Again, Trish has this angle covered when she hatched her scheme. Though she’s a bit nervous, that doesn’t stop her from implementing her plan to get her boss into bed.


Breaking All The Rules by Phyllis Campbell

October 8, 2009

breaking all the rulesBreaking All The Rules by Phyllis Campbell

Carnal Passions

Her assignment as an investigative journalist is to get the story on a sex resort, not sleep with her servant!  But Kristine Olsen can’t stop wanting the sexy man assigned to her.  She hasn’t counted on the unexpected feelings for Cole, and especially the story she uncovers.

When Cole Hunt spots the newest guest, he knows his week will be filled with more than just paperwork to close his resort.   The blue-eyed beauty has branded him with her white-hot kisses.  She’s keeping secrets, but will giving his heart to Kristine become his downfall when his resort is exposed?

Is breaking the rules worth it?

This is Ms. Campbell’s first erotic romance but I was not able to tell. Breaking All the Rules was one very hot story that shows the quality of Ms. Campbell writing. From the first line, I was hooked. The detailed descriptions had me also seeing the Pleasure Hideaway and all its carnal delights the same as Kristin Olsen.