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Serendipity 7C by Lexxie Couper

November 29, 2009

Serendipity 7C  by Lexxie Couper

Changeling Press

One lost Australian tourist. One mischievous Christmas sprite. One magical apartment complex. One Christmas gift to be remembered for a lifetime.

Welcome to Serendipity Estates, where accidental meetings, a little magic, and a bit of hot lust are a recipe for love ever after. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Jack McKenzie is an Australian who is visiting his cousin for the Christmas holiday. I just felt terrible for Jack. His girl dumped him, the airlines lost his luggage, and his cousin is not where he is suppose to be. It seemed like everything that could go wrong does. But being that it is Christmas, a little magic is always in the air, especially around Serendipity Estates.



Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009

I figured I’d share a few Thanksgiving photos with all.


I just love Charlie Brown and Snoopy



If you would like something hotter and not so PG.



But my favorite really makes one think.

Compliments of my brother. You just knew it had to come from a guy.



Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Serendipity 5A by Dawn Montgomery

November 23, 2009

Serendipity 5A  by  Dawn Montgomery

Changeling Press

Welcome to Serendipity Estates, where accidental meetings, a little magic, and a bit of hot lust are a recipe for love ever after. We hope you enjoy your stay.

In an apartment complex where fortunate accidents in love occur, Donna and Jack will have a Christmas present mix-up that shows a little bit of their kinky side.

Serendipity means good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries and that is what happened to me. I had the good luck of reading this story of two neighbors who stumble upon their common bond. It appears to be just an accident but is it really.


Hunters of the Nile by Ellie Moonwater

November 15, 2009

hunters of the nileHunters of the Nile by  Ellie Moonwater

Lyrical Press

Every era has its hunters…and its prey.

Callie never thought her life could get any weirder or more frightening than when she’s kidnapped and thrust the role of fox in a deadly hound hunt. A subsequent fall tumbles her through time and into the arms of an Egyptian warrior.

At first convinced she’s landed among re-enactors, Callie discovers some things are exactly what they seem. A captive, Callie finds out reality holds passion, romance and more surprises than she ever imagined.

I found Hunters of the Niles to be a different type of time-travel story. It was not so heavy on the hero or his life with the heroine but more on her adaptation to her new time period.


The Hand of the Master by Madeleine Oh

November 10, 2009

The Hand of The MasterThe Hand of the Master  by  Madeleine Oh

Changeling Press

Recently widowed, Helen Crewe needs a fresh start. A job in the south of France cataloging a private library seems like the perfect change of venue. Once she settles into the luxurious living quarters at Les Santons, she’s sure she’ll be able to leave the past behind her. Until she awakens in the night to familiar sounds–a bondage scene being played out in the garden beneath her window between Luc de Prioux and his personal secretary, Branko. In the dark, memories come flooding back. The library Luc inherited with his grandfather’s estate contains dozens of priceless treasures–rare volumes of beautiful engraved erotica. But none are more priceless than Helen herself. Luc knows what he wants, and he’s just the dominant Helen needs in her life. As long as she’s willing to share… Helen’s stay at Les Santons promises to be everything she needs. Until a break-in at the estate makes her wonder what she’s gotten into…

Ms. Oh has outdone herself once more with a fantastic tale set in France. The story revolves around three central characters of diverse backgrounds and a unique blend of Doms and submissives that change at times.


Creation of Desire by Leah Brooke

November 7, 2009

Creation of DesireCreation of Desire by Leah Brooke

Siren Publishing

Boone and Chase Jackson have managed to avoid Rachel Robinson for months, although it wasn’t easy. She’s a forever kind of woman and they’ve been burned too badly in the past to ever want a commitment again.

When Rachel gives up on them, though, they’re not happy. Seeing that other men have decided to move on her, they give her a night she’ll never forget. But they all get more than they bargained for when Rachel discovers she’s pregnant. The men are quick to throw off their fears and make her their own.

But she doesn’t believe them. Deciding their desire to commit is only for the baby’s sake, Rachel refuses to believe that it’s her they want. But the passion between the three of them is hotter than ever.

When the pregnancy is in danger, can she and her lovers still have a future?


Yankee Angel by Judi Lynne

November 1, 2009

YankeeAngel_ 3.00Yankee Angel  by  Judi Lynne

The Wild Rose Press

One minute Elizabeth Grant was working in a Civil War Hospital museum—the next she was eye to eye with a very convincing—and handsome—Rebel soldier.

Was this reenactor taking things too far—or were his claims that it was 1862 true?

Captain Tobias Hendricks of the Confederate army never planned to find the woman of his dreams in the abandoned farmhouse. It was bad enough she was a Yankee, worse still, she was a bit on the addled side. Only a head injury could explain her claims of traveling through time from the future. Or was she a Yankee spy?

Fate threw these strangers together, but would love span the bonds of time and bring them love everlasting?

I found Yankee Angel to be a very enjoyable story of time travel and true love. It takes place both in the present and in the Civil War South time of 1862. Elizabeth Grant works in a museum and forgets her backpack when she leaves work to go home. What happens next changes her life.