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A Little Holiday Cheer

December 22, 2009

I’ve been running to get everything ready for Christmas and just got my decorations done the other day.

I hung the lights on the tree.



I put the ornaments on the tree.



I even found time to get some mistletoe.



I don’t want Santa to be mad at me and be a bad Santa.



So I’ll just take this Santa to go.



Hope to post before the year is done. If I don’t …

Have a Merry Christmas and a very Good New Year.


Snowfire: Party Favors by Selena Illyria

December 12, 2009

Snowfire: Party Favors  by Selena Illyria

Changeling Press

Nevada has been working so hard she’s exhausted. Lucian is determined to get her to rest — even if he has to kidnap her and tie her to the bed to do it.

I found Snowfire:Party Favors to be a very small slice of life that left me wanting more.

Lucian is a poor neglected vampire who I think cares greatly for his partner Nevada. I felt bad for him as he needed his partner but she was too busy with work to spend time with him or his family. Lucian’s love for Nevada shows when he plans an elaborate kidnapping scheme to whisk Nevada away for the rest she needs.

Nevada seems to realize that she was pushing aside Lucian and tries to make amends but Lucian is already gone. I thought it was telling that her exhaustion was so excessive that she never woke up through the entire kidnapping. I did find it cute that Nevada turned things around in the story. I thought it showed that she was more than just a workaholic.

I found the Valentine’s surprise that Lucian planned very hot. I wanted to know more about both Lucian and Nevada and the two weeks that he had planned for them.

I recommend Snowfire: Party Favors for a very quick read and I hope to read more of both Lucian and Nevada and their life together in future stories.

Santa Greetings

December 7, 2009

I figured I’d post a few Holiday photos for everyone.

I know after the past couple of weeks shopping I could use a little pick me up.

Have a great time shopping.

Think of the snow and cold and cuddling up with one of these hunks to keep warm.


This Santa hasn’t been doing much shopping but he has a lot of Ho Ho Ho’s.



All the shopping caused this Santa to lose a little weight.



I don’t want to lose sight of the season.

It’s a time for cold and snow and in honor of my sister in Wyoming, cowboys.



I found this cutie to keep my cartoon bunny boy company.



Merry Christmas

Win A Kindle

December 6, 2009

I normally do not plug things but this is just too good not to. Noobie is giving away not one but two Kindles. Click on the following link:

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It’s that easy.

I have to say that I have a Kindle and love it. My mom who is 80 years old, fell in love with it the minute she held it. She confiscated it over the summer and I had a tough time getting it back from her. LOL

So if you are interested in an easy contest to win big, go to:

Good luck all.

A Gift For Adam by Adriana Kraft

December 4, 2009

A Gift For Adam by Adriana Kraft

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Home and Garden assistant manager Evie Strand has painstakingly embroidered a set of seven thongs as a gag gift for her best friend— only she brought the wrong box to the store Christmas party, and now Adam Grant from Automotive is holding them up for everyone to see: Kiss my…, Tight Fit—could things get any worse? Adam may seem like a total rake, but he can tell Evie’s deeply embarrassed and he resolves to make it up to her. Who knew where a simple dinner date would lead?

I loved A Gift For Adam and was thoroughly entertained from the first line to the last. I must mention that there is a F/F kiss shared between girlfriends but this is definitely the hot tale of romance between Evie and Adam.

I loved Evie’s wicked humor. It showed not only on the sayings that she embroidered on the thongs but she teased Adam through the entire story. I could see Evie as being a simple farm girl. She never “dressed up” or did much with her appearance. When she had her makeover, I could tell she was surprised at how she looked.