How to Tame a Cougar By Dee Carney

How to Tame a Cougar

By  Dee Carney

Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

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That is where you’ll find the final polished, edited review that I submitted to them for this book.  What I have on my page is my version I submitted to them and they looked at, maybe edited, maybe polished up and put up on their site. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused by my lack of understanding. I hope by providing this link, to correct this grievous error on my part.


Shawna never tried to deny the attraction to her young Greek coworker, Damian. Intensely handsome with a heavy accent, he is the object of her fantasies. It’s no wonder when he mistakenly overhears her call his name while masturbating, he decides it’s time to ignore the age difference she shies away from.

Getting her to fall for his seduction takes on a slight challenge when they realize their age difference is even bigger than they both first assumed. It’s not going to be a problem, though. So long as she keeps that spark in her eyes when she looks at him, he knows just how to tame a cougar.


How to Tame a Cougar is not your typical May/December story. Ms. Carney is a true wizard of the written word, weaving a tale that has me feeling the characters dreams and emotions and then laughing until my sides hurt.

Talk about laughing until you cry. I know I did right from the first page. I could feel Shawna’s age as her back screamed from lifting Mrs. McDermott out of the wheelchair but then the loose bladder happened and I couldn’t stop laughing. This is how the entire story is woven. I could picture every scene as it happened and kept pulling for Damien to break through Shawna’s barriers regarding their ages.

The characters in the story were incredibly realistic.  I could see myself in the character of Shawna since I am also in the cougar age bracket, some aches and worried about what looks proper. I have a friend just like Ashlee who pushed Shawna to open her eyes regarding Damien. But it was the character of Damien who I loved the most. His perseverance in breaking down Shawna’s barriers and willingness to do whatever she wanted to assure their happiness showed me a maturity that many older men lack.

I found How To Tame a Cougar to be not only a sexy, hot story but one that is hilarious also. I know I’ll be rereading this short again and again. Kudos Ms. Carney for another winner.


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