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Cleaning House

November 22, 2011

So, I inadvertently did a boo boo.

I posted my reviews on my site but I had previously given said reviews to a review website and they had published them. Mind you, this was many moons ago. I was just notified that I can’t put my reviews that I wrote on my site but I can provide a link to the ones that appear on their site (edited or not) that I had submitted to them.

So I’ll be doing a little cleaning here.

With the massive amount of traveling I’ll be doing, it may be a tiny bit before another of my reviews gets posted in full here.

In the meantime, do link to my reviews. They are what I wrote. It’s just that you’ll have to go an extra step to see the old ones now.

And to easy the process ………….

It’s Time To Clean House A Bit

Do A Little Laundry

Wash  Up

Make Everything Squeaky Clean

Don’t Worry

I’ll Be Grinding Away Whenever I Can To Get It All Finished

I’m Hoping Before Christmas

I’ll Be Dropping The Curtain

For The Big Reveal

You Just Gotta Love A Man In A Kilt

I Do

Thanks again for checking out the old reviews through the links I’ll be providing.


Toys from Santa By Lexie Davis

November 19, 2011

Toys from Santa

By  Lexie Davis

Siren Publishing


Please link to:


That is where you’ll find the final polished, edited review that I submitted to them for this book.  What I have on my page is my version I submitted to them and they looked at, maybe edited, maybe polished up and put up on their site. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused by my lack of understanding. I hope by providing this link, to correct this grievous error on my part.


Christmas Smiles

December 12, 2010

Tree up? Nope. Cards sent? Nope. Turkey bought? Nope. Presents bought and wrapped? Nope.

Christmas is coming and I’m not ready.

It’s not for lack of trying. I just arrived home at 12:30am this morning. I’ve been away for many weeks and and still have huge messes to straighten out but I just go with my old stand-by… I’ll do it tomorrow… and I do mean it.

But for today, I thought I’d give everyone a little bit of seasonal eye candy.

Santa’s back. Ho Ho Ho.

A little present for you.

Mistletoe for your home.

And lots of good cheer.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


A Little Holiday Cheer

December 22, 2009

I’ve been running to get everything ready for Christmas and just got my decorations done the other day.

I hung the lights on the tree.



I put the ornaments on the tree.



I even found time to get some mistletoe.



I don’t want Santa to be mad at me and be a bad Santa.



So I’ll just take this Santa to go.



Hope to post before the year is done. If I don’t …

Have a Merry Christmas and a very Good New Year.

Santa Greetings

December 7, 2009

I figured I’d post a few Holiday photos for everyone.

I know after the past couple of weeks shopping I could use a little pick me up.

Have a great time shopping.

Think of the snow and cold and cuddling up with one of these hunks to keep warm.


This Santa hasn’t been doing much shopping but he has a lot of Ho Ho Ho’s.



All the shopping caused this Santa to lose a little weight.



I don’t want to lose sight of the season.

It’s a time for cold and snow and in honor of my sister in Wyoming, cowboys.



I found this cutie to keep my cartoon bunny boy company.



Merry Christmas

A Gift For Adam by Adriana Kraft

December 4, 2009

A Gift For Adam by Adriana Kraft

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Home and Garden assistant manager Evie Strand has painstakingly embroidered a set of seven thongs as a gag gift for her best friend— only she brought the wrong box to the store Christmas party, and now Adam Grant from Automotive is holding them up for everyone to see: Kiss my…, Tight Fit—could things get any worse? Adam may seem like a total rake, but he can tell Evie’s deeply embarrassed and he resolves to make it up to her. Who knew where a simple dinner date would lead?

I loved A Gift For Adam and was thoroughly entertained from the first line to the last. I must mention that there is a F/F kiss shared between girlfriends but this is definitely the hot tale of romance between Evie and Adam.

I loved Evie’s wicked humor. It showed not only on the sayings that she embroidered on the thongs but she teased Adam through the entire story. I could see Evie as being a simple farm girl. She never “dressed up” or did much with her appearance. When she had her makeover, I could tell she was surprised at how she looked.


Serendipity 7C by Lexxie Couper

November 29, 2009

Serendipity 7C  by Lexxie Couper

Changeling Press

One lost Australian tourist. One mischievous Christmas sprite. One magical apartment complex. One Christmas gift to be remembered for a lifetime.

Welcome to Serendipity Estates, where accidental meetings, a little magic, and a bit of hot lust are a recipe for love ever after. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Jack McKenzie is an Australian who is visiting his cousin for the Christmas holiday. I just felt terrible for Jack. His girl dumped him, the airlines lost his luggage, and his cousin is not where he is suppose to be. It seemed like everything that could go wrong does. But being that it is Christmas, a little magic is always in the air, especially around Serendipity Estates.


Serendipity 5A by Dawn Montgomery

November 23, 2009

Serendipity 5A  by  Dawn Montgomery

Changeling Press

Welcome to Serendipity Estates, where accidental meetings, a little magic, and a bit of hot lust are a recipe for love ever after. We hope you enjoy your stay.

In an apartment complex where fortunate accidents in love occur, Donna and Jack will have a Christmas present mix-up that shows a little bit of their kinky side.

Serendipity means good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries and that is what happened to me. I had the good luck of reading this story of two neighbors who stumble upon their common bond. It appears to be just an accident but is it really.


How To Ruin Christmas For A Vampire

July 24, 2009

I’m enjoying Christmas in July so I figured I’d do a few more wintery reviews.


HowToRuinChristmasHow To Ruin Christmas For A Vampire by Crymsyn Hart and Dahlia Rose

Phase Books

A hot and feisty next door neighbor leads Jarreth to decimate the gingerbread men with gumdrop buttons littered his lawn. The cold of many lonely winters has frosted his eternal heart, until Diana strolls in with her garish Christmas music, which he can’t stand. He denies his feelings for her, until he finds Diana is threatened by his old vampire flame.

Throwing aside the vow never to love again, Jarreth steps in and saves her only to find out he could lose her one again.

How To Ruin Christmas For A Vampire is a classic example of a love hate relationship. I just loved reading this story. Jarreth is my perfect vampire except for his allergies to wool and Diana Kringle is what I consider to be the prefect holiday character taken to Clark Griswald of Christmas Vacation level.


The Firm: Rogue by Tuesday Morrigan

July 21, 2009

I figured I’d continue with the Shape-Shifter Theme and put another Christmas Story in July. Enjoy.

The Firm Rogue  3.99The Firm: Rogue by Tuesday Morrigan

Changeling Press

It’s Christmas Eve and Nicollet Edenton is still trying to understand how she’d agreed to play the role of Santa’s helper; coerced into wearing a tight, velvet Santa’s helper outfit, she spent several hours handing out gifts to children in the nation’s largest department store. Things couldn’t get any worse, right? Wrong. Ready to escape, Nicollet realizes she has been locked inside of the department store with her sexy as sin coworker, Kaelyn Lionheart.

Kaelyn and Nicollet find they can no longer run away from the attraction they both fear. When the hunger burns out of control, will Nicollet be able to accept that the man she has fallen in love with is something more than a man?

The Firm: Rogue is a pretty good story about Kaelyn Lionheart and Nicollet Edenton. The Lionhearts are shape-shifters who also own a law firm. Kaelyn is one of eight brothers. He plays Santa in a department store and Nicollet is his helper. Nicollet is a larger woman who is also a lawyer at Kaelyn’s family ‘s firm.