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Illicit Attraction by Zena Wynn

August 30, 2009

IllicitAttractionIllicit Attraction  by  Zena Wynn

Phaze Books

When Catrina Jackson ducked into her hotel’s jazz bar, all she wanted was a chance to unwind after a long drive and a drink to soothe the disappointment of being stood up by the friend she’d come to see. She figured the massive diamond wedding set on her finger would deter any would be attractors. She was wrong. When also married hunky Darius Cornelio suggested they sit together to avoid unwanted attention, she thought it was a great idea.

His presence protected her from other men in the bar, but who was going to protect her from him?

Can I say seriously hot. Wow. I just loved Illicit Attraction. Ms Wynn does a fabulous job in creating the perfect setting for an affair to take place. There is the out of the way hotel and bar that is also the local hot spot.  And Catrina Jackson picks up more than what she is looking for when she is stood up by her friend. Or does she?

Cat is a middle-aged married housewife who’s husband is in the navy and is away more than he is home. When she is stood up, she is hit on by every Tom, Dick and Harry in the place. Darius to the rescue. Darius Cornelio is a young, hot stud who is also married and away from home a lot. He offers a solution to their mutual problem. Pretend they are a couple and no one will bother either of them. I was entertained by their conversations about each others spouses and their wants for the future. It was enjoyable how they tried to learn more about each other but still keep their spouses in the conversation.