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Past Imperfect By J.M. Cornwell

August 30, 2011

Past Imperfect

By  J.M. Cornwell

L & L Dreamspell Publishing

Please link to:


That is where you’ll find the final polished, edited review that I submitted to them for this book.  What I have on my page is my version I submitted to them and they looked at, maybe edited, maybe polished up and put up on their site. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused by my lack of understanding. I hope by providing this link, to correct this grievous error on my part.



Last Chance Upon A Murder by Desiree Lee

March 26, 2009

last-chance-upon-a-murderLast Chance Upon A Murder by Desiree Lee

Freya’s Bower

An ancient rite performed in modern times. A lone woman unaware of her destiny. A preternatural creature hunts for one soul to claim for his own. What havoc will be wrought when the three intertwine? Can two beings from vastly different worlds find peace together, or are they doomed to walk between worlds forever?

Last Chance Upon A Murder was a fantastic read. The story was raised to a level above what I am used to reading. My mother would say it had a lot of twenty-five cent words but in a way, the vocabulary used, elevated this work to a higher level. It reminded me of an Alfred Hitchcock story. A cross of The Birds and An Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode.