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Rekindling The Spark by Nicole Gestalt

August 20, 2009

RekindlingThe Spark 2.00Rekindling The Spark by Nicole Gestalt

Phase Books

Big, fat and frumpy is how Angela feels. After being married to her husband for more years then she can care to remember the spark seems to have gone. She still loves him as much as she ever did but somehow it’s just not the same. From the first moment that she sets eyes upon her young gardener Richard things begin to change and the spark turns into a fire – but who will end up with her affections?

I found Rekindling The Spark to be a unique story with a quirky twist. At first it seems to be the standard story of a housewife who believes she is unappealing and kind of gives up on sex with her husband.  I feel that how Angela views herself is how many woman who go through that time period in their lives may feel. I believe that Angela really loves Matthew but is unhappy with the ways things are and does not know how to change things.