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April 27, 2013

I normally am quiet but in light of events that have been happening in the world of racing I have to make a plea on behalf of my daughter.

My oldest daughter Katie is an avid runner and also volunteers at Paws. She once again is running in the Rock and Roll Half Marathon for Team Paws. This wonderful organization needs our help.

I’ve always been big on volunteering, especially for Animal Welfare, Paws, etc..

If everyone donated a dollar, imagine how much closer Katie would be to her goals. The race is in July. This is one of Paws big fundraisers. All done by their volunteer runners.

Cheers to those who continue to run and not give in to fear.

Please consider donating to this worthy cause. Every dollar helps.

There are not 249 days as listed on the page to raise the money for this event. The date of the Chicago Rock & Roll Half Marathon is July 21, 2013. There is only 2 ½ months. The 249 days is for PAWS total fundraising goal for the year.

Thanks you for helping if you can.