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Cleaning House

November 22, 2011

So, I inadvertently did a boo boo.

I posted my reviews on my site but I had previously given said reviews to a review website and they had published them. Mind you, this was many moons ago. I was just notified that I can’t put my reviews that I wrote on my site but I can provide a link to the ones that appear on their site (edited or not) that I had submitted to them.

So I’ll be doing a little cleaning here.

With the massive amount of traveling I’ll be doing, it may be a tiny bit before another of my reviews gets posted in full here.

In the meantime, do link to my reviews. They are what I wrote. It’s just that you’ll have to go an extra step to see the old ones now.

And to easy the process ………….

It’s Time To Clean House A Bit

Do A Little Laundry

Wash  Up

Make Everything Squeaky Clean

Don’t Worry

I’ll Be Grinding Away Whenever I Can To Get It All Finished

I’m Hoping Before Christmas

I’ll Be Dropping The Curtain

For The Big Reveal

You Just Gotta Love A Man In A Kilt

I Do

Thanks again for checking out the old reviews through the links I’ll be providing.


More Halloween Costumes

October 20, 2009

I know that there are many costumes out there.

I have put up quite a few but I wanted to show a couple of my favorites.


I wish Mario Lopez would come to my house and Trick or Treat in this costume he wore a while back.




I also a sucker for a man in a kilt.

Did I mention that the kilt is optional.


where's the kilt


I included this because not all costumes need to be elaborate nor cost an exorbitant amount of money.


mexican hat1


Hope you all have a Happy Halloween.

Beware What You Wish by Faith V. Smith

July 22, 2009

BewareWhatYouWish_Beware What You Wish  by   Faith V. Smith

The Wild Rose Press

Leah Barnett’s travel to research a romance novel sends her back two hundred years–right into the bathtub of one hunky half Scot, half English male. His chauvinist attitude stiffens her spine, but his sensual kisses weaken her knees. Not to mention flipping her heart like a kilt in the wind.

Alistair MacKinnon’s vow to stay out of trouble falls by the wayside when a sensual, outspoken woman falls into his tub out of nowhere. Her insistence that she’s from the future doesn’t cause him as much concern as the way his heart thuds just looking at her. He’s finally found a woman who sees eye-to-eye with him–even if she does only reach his chest.

When Alistair orders the headstrong Leah to marry him to keep his despicable cousin from taking her to bed, the Scottish-English hottie gets a talking to that singes his ears. But it’s not his ears that sting when they find a portal to the future for Leah.


Sorry I’ve Been Away For A While

May 10, 2009

I’ve been out of town for a while and not had access to my computer so I thought I’d make up for it by wishing everyone


Since it’s Mother’s Day, I thought everyone deserves flowers. Whether you get one flower

a flower

or a whole slew of flowers

Awww... A Sixties Flower Child

I hope your day was good.

To make up for being gone. I’ve decided to post another series. I liked Destiny Blaine’s Winning Virgin Blood Series. So to get you in the mood. Here’s a little something in a kilt for everyone.


All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

February 4, 2009

all-i-want-for-christmas-image All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire by Kerrelyn Spark

Avon Books

Toni Duncan’s Christmas Wish List

1 Springing my best friend from the psych ward.

2 Living somewhere that doesn’t have coffins in the basement. Occupied coffins.

3 Finding Mr. Right. Please make him tall, dark, handsome, and ALIVE.

This Christmas isn’t so merry for Toni. Her best friend’s been locked up in a mental hospital ever since she told the police she was attacked by vampires, and the only way for Toni to get her out is to prove that bloodsuckers really do exist. So she’s taken a job as a bodyguard for the Undead, but she gets more than she’s bargained for, especially when she meets Ian MacPhie, a Scottish rascal looking for Ms. Right.

Although Ian’s nearly five centuries old, he looks and acts like a twenty-seven-year-old hunk. How can a dead man be so damn sexy?  Could Mr. Wrong be Mr. Right?  One forbidden kiss could lead to an eternity of passion—and all it takes is one moment under the mistletoe . . .

All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire is the fifth book in Ms. Sparks Love at Stake series and I for one am glad that it has finally arrived. I love the characters and can’t wait to find out more about each and every one of them.