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Between Floors by Beate Boeker

August 10, 2009

BetweenFloorsBetween Floors by Beate Boeker

The Wild Rose Press

Sarah can’t resist a swim in the luxurious pool of the Grand Excelsior Hotel, though she hates to return to her room in a bathrobe, dripping wet. Just as she braves the elevator, a gorgeous man joins her. Sarah curses her luck and pretends to disappear into thin air, when all at once, the elevator gets stuck . . .

I just loved this story. I could totally picture it happening as I’ve shared an elevator with people going to the spa in hotel robes and slippers. Everyone at one time or another has had the elevator not stop on their floor or go down instead of up.

Sarah is a doctor with a fear of elevators. The elevator she gets on goes back down instead of up.  She then gets company on the elevator in the body of Marc Brandin, head-hunter.  The tension in the elevator can be cut with a knife as you read of Sarah’s unease. Then the elevator gets stuck.

I enjoyed the conversation between Marc and Sarah as Marc tries to get Sarah to relax. Ms. Boeker write sharp witty conversations that had me laughing at times.  I learned intimate details about the characters that I didn’t expect to in a short story.  The ending was a little quick but I enjoyed the very end. It reminded me of an old 40’s movie. Very suggestive. It lets your mind run with it.

I really enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from Ms. Boeker.