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Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls by AP Miller

July 14, 2010

Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls by AP Miller

Noble Romance Publishing


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That is where you’ll find the final polished, edited review that I submitted to them for this book.  What I have on my page is my version I submitted to them and they looked at, maybe edited, maybe polished up and put up on their site. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused by my lack of understanding. I hope by providing this link, to correct this grievous error on my part.



Elfin Delights by Alice Gaines

January 3, 2010

Elfin Delights  by  Alice Gaines

Changeling Press

When Marla Roberts gets lost in the Northern California redwood forest, she doesn’t expect to find a gingerbread cottage inhabited by two hunky males with pointy ears and flaming red hair. They’re elves, they tell her, and so is she. She soon discovers that an elfin menage offers sensual treats she’d never find in the human world. What’s more? if she passes all their tests, they have an even bigger reward for her.

If you were given the opportunity to save a world, would you? That is the dilemma that Marla Roberts is faced with when she magically loses her way in the redwood forests of Northern California and comes face to face with six foot tall, hunky twin elves.


Snowfire: Party Favors by Selena Illyria

December 12, 2009

Snowfire: Party Favors  by Selena Illyria

Changeling Press

Nevada has been working so hard she’s exhausted. Lucian is determined to get her to rest — even if he has to kidnap her and tie her to the bed to do it.

I found Snowfire:Party Favors to be a very small slice of life that left me wanting more.

Lucian is a poor neglected vampire who I think cares greatly for his partner Nevada. I felt bad for him as he needed his partner but she was too busy with work to spend time with him or his family. Lucian’s love for Nevada shows when he plans an elaborate kidnapping scheme to whisk Nevada away for the rest she needs.

Nevada seems to realize that she was pushing aside Lucian and tries to make amends but Lucian is already gone. I thought it was telling that her exhaustion was so excessive that she never woke up through the entire kidnapping. I did find it cute that Nevada turned things around in the story. I thought it showed that she was more than just a workaholic.

I found the Valentine’s surprise that Lucian planned very hot. I wanted to know more about both Lucian and Nevada and the two weeks that he had planned for them.

I recommend Snowfire: Party Favors for a very quick read and I hope to read more of both Lucian and Nevada and their life together in future stories.

Nine Lives by Melinda Barron

October 25, 2009

Nine LivesNine Lives  by  Melinda Barron

Changeling Press

Cat shifter Ophelia Brown lives a nomadic life. She travels from town to town, dancing at clubs, and trying to help others with the money her parents left her. But when she gets to Denver things change.

Club owner Conner Riley is very attracted to his new dancer. He and his boyfriend, Fox Nichols, have always appreciated the female form, especially O’s. But when strange things start happening to O, it’s up to Conner and Fox, a private detective, to figure out what’s happening before their shifter loses any more of her nine lives.

I enjoyed this story of shape-shifters and attempted murder by Ms. Barron. I found myself enthralled by not only the storyline but by the character of Ophelia.


Madam Periwinkle: Outlook Orgasmic by Hannah Beckham

September 12, 2009

Madam Periwinkle outlook orgasmicMadam Periwinkle: Outlook Orgasmic  by  Hannah Beckham

Changeling Press

Terri Smythe, a transplanted New Yorker, is trying to find her feet in Kansas City. After an emergency “save-me-before-I-slit-my-wrists-from- boredom” visit from her best friends, and a shopping spree at Madam Periwinkle’s Erotic Delights, a Magic 8-Ball sets her off on an adventure of a lifetime.

That adventure has one name — Niko. He’s a gorgeous. He’s strong. He’s bold.

He’s also a vampire.

I like the character of Terri Smythe. I thought she was a serious woman trying her best to make a new life for herself. She is studying to be a doctor and leaves everything she knows to move to Kansas City where she can afford to study medicine. This is how she works in the morgue. I thought it was the classic horror movie scene. Working on a dead body but the body isn’t really dead. Or is it? The whole time in the morgue was beautifully written. I could actually feel the vapor in the air and the heat when Niko and Terri first touch was incredible. I felt Terri was like a bulldog in that she never gives up when she is looking for Niko. Her Magic 8-Ball was a stitch. I had a smile on my face every time she would use it.


Mary And The Bear by Zena Wynn

May 31, 2009

MaryAndTheBearMary And The Bear by Zena Wynn

Phaze Books

Mary Elizabeth’s life is spiraling out of control. Her twin sister, Babs, was killed in an automobile accident. Her bereaved brother-in- law has decided now is a good time to renew their college romance, and her healthy, domineering mother is demanding that she move back home and slave, ah, make that care for her. What’s a woman to do? Get the heck out of Dodge! She jumps on the promotion offered by best friend, Kiesha Morgan, and moves to Refuge, NC. The last thing she wants or needs is a man. She’s got enough going on in her life.

Hugh Mosely owns and operates Refuge’s only eating establishment. As a favor to Alex Morgan, good friend and alpha of the Raven Pack, he agrees to rent the empty apartment above his diner to Mary Elizabeth and keep an eye on her. Hugh is also a were-bear who’s actively searching for a mate, a she-bear he can breed with and continue his nearly extinct species. Despite his nearly overwhelming, instant attraction to Mary Elizabeth, he has no interest in human females.


Noodlin’ for Nadine by Kate Hill

May 29, 2009

Noodlin For NadineNoodlin’ for Nadine by Kate Hill

Changeling Press

Brady’s number one pastime is noodling. He loves the thrill of catching magical catfish with his bare hands. Imagine his surprise when he’s feeling for catfish beneath the waters of Hot River and gets a handful of womanly curves instead.

Nadine is just a water nymph lazing about in her favorite underwater cave when she feels a pair of pleasantly rough male hands rubbing her in all the right places. She knows this is too real to be a daydream. It’s more like the man of her dreams has found her, but is their love strong enough to cross the boundary between water and land?

Noodlin for Nadine is another great book in the Hot River Series by Ms. Hill. The hero is Brady Earl, who is a cousin to and works for the wonderful Princeton triplets we earlier met  in Triple Shot Tracy. They make a cameo appearance in this story. The heroine is Nadine, a water nymph who Brady stumbles upon while noodling.