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The Hand of the Master by Madeleine Oh

November 10, 2009

The Hand of The MasterThe Hand of the Master  by  Madeleine Oh

Changeling Press

Recently widowed, Helen Crewe needs a fresh start. A job in the south of France cataloging a private library seems like the perfect change of venue. Once she settles into the luxurious living quarters at Les Santons, she’s sure she’ll be able to leave the past behind her. Until she awakens in the night to familiar sounds–a bondage scene being played out in the garden beneath her window between Luc de Prioux and his personal secretary, Branko. In the dark, memories come flooding back. The library Luc inherited with his grandfather’s estate contains dozens of priceless treasures–rare volumes of beautiful engraved erotica. But none are more priceless than Helen herself. Luc knows what he wants, and he’s just the dominant Helen needs in her life. As long as she’s willing to share… Helen’s stay at Les Santons promises to be everything she needs. Until a break-in at the estate makes her wonder what she’s gotten into…

Ms. Oh has outdone herself once more with a fantastic tale set in France. The story revolves around three central characters of diverse backgrounds and a unique blend of Doms and submissives that change at times.



Queen Of Shadow by Suz deMello

October 28, 2009

queenofshadows 5.95Queen Of Shadows by Suz deMello

Liquid Silver Books

Janus is a planet which lacks both tilt and spin, and its Shadowlands are the pewter band of dusk dividing the violently hot Lightside of the planet from its Darkside, imprisoned by eternal night. Due to moderate temperatures, the Shadowlands are the most livable portion of Janus, the most heavily populated and wealthiest.

Because of the peculiar conformation of the planet, birthrates are low and indiscriminate sex is encouraged for everyone except the unmated Queen of Shadow, the most powerful person on Janus. She cannot fully indulge her lust; should she become pregnant, her baby’s father would become King of Shadow.

Audryn, Queen of Shadow, has reached that time in her life when she must choose a King to rule with her or fail to bear an heir, casting not only her realm but all of Janus into chaos. Despite her duty, she is reluctant to share power, even a bit distrustful. Certain Shadowland nobles vie for Audryn’s hand, and rival factions of DarkDwellersfight among themselves for the right to send candidates. The more organized Children of Light send their Prince-Scientist to woo Audryn. Although she enjoys trysting with all her suitors, none seize her heart. Then Storne, the warrior Prince of Darkness, arrives to claim her as his bride. Will his masterful ways allure or repel the willful Queen?


Guilty Pleasures by Renee Knowles

June 27, 2009

GuiltyPleasures1Guilty Pleasures  by  Renee Knowles

Siren Publishing

After his parents’ death, Nick Duvane gave up freelancing and took a job at the local TV news station to stay home and care for his younger sister. Now that she’s grown, he’s desperate to get back to the work he loves. However, his boss blackmails him into one final assignment: go undercover at a male escort service and expose it as legalized male prostitution. No problem. Except once he begins an affair with the owner, sexy, hard-headed Diana Grady, how can he deceive her and destroy her business all for an exposé?

Diana Grady’s failed marriage and financial struggles drove her to make her escort business a success. She’s poured all of her energy into Pleasures and ignored her personal life. But when intelligent, steamy Nick Duvane enters the picture, she gives in to her passion. Yet Nick has a secret, and it just might shatter her…

Sex, lies and secrets. Disgruntled employees, and clients. With all of this in the mix, of course I thought this was a great storyline.  Diana Grady and Josie Reynolds own Pleasures Inc., a male escort service. I liked both of these characters. I wanted Diana to be happy with Nick because she had such a hard life and bad marriage. She tried to protect herself from men and I just wanted Nick to crack open the hard shell she had around herself.  Josie is a tuff cookie who looks out for herself and uses men. I wanted her to find someone to love and when she meets Mitchell Kendrick, I saw a possible future.


The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton

June 24, 2009

thereluctantdom300x450The Reluctant Dom  by  Tymber Dalton

Lyrical Press

Love hurts…if you’re lucky.

Kaden knows he’s dying, but before he goes, he has one problem he needs to solve – he must ask his oldest friend Seth to take over as his beloved wife’s Dom and Master after his death. Seth has always seen himself as the perpetual screw-up and Kaden as the strong and steady one, so his friend’s request rocks his world.

Now Seth finds himself immersed in a role he’s far from comfortable with: inflicting pain to provide emotional comfort for the woman he’s secretly loved for years. Can he deal with his crushing grief and learn the skills he must master in time to become THE RELUCTANT DOM?

Let me start off by saying the I loved The Reluctant Dom. It gives a true picture of a Master/slave 24/7 relationship. Kudos to Ms. Dalton for all the hours of research she did to accomplish such a real life portrayal. I learned a lot about the art of Japanese bondage and also about flogging and whipping. I never realized that there were so many types of floggers and whips nor moves to maneuver them.


Mystic Charm By Kristin Daniels

June 23, 2009

MysticCharmMystic Charm  By  Kristin Daniels

The Wild Rose Press

Is a chance meeting true love or a mystical spell?

When Mia Bryant inherits an antique pearl choker from her late grandmother, the last thing she expects to see is a pair of sensual eyes shimmering in the center pearl. Certain the vision is a figment of her imagination, she sets the necklace aside, pushing the image from her thoughts. Months later, dressing for a party, the pearl choker calls to her. Helpless to resist, she slips it on, unaware that by doing so she will soon fall for the man behind those sensual eyes.

Logan Thomas is mystified when he meets Mia. A fierce pull draws him to her, and before he can stop, they’re kissing under a full moon. But when the revelation of a magical spell has Mia pulling away, Logan knows he must convince her—magic or not—they were meant to be together…

Mystic Charm is an interesting story about two strong willed people, vying for the same position within the same company and a fascinating necklace that may be magic.


The Agency: Monkeying Around By Michelle Hasker

June 7, 2009

The Agency Monkeying Around  3.99The Agency: Monkeying Around  By  Michelle Hasker

Changeling Press

Posing as lovers shouldn’t be too hard. Not for Jessica and Chase. Fooling around during their training mission had landed them in this mess when they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Now they need to redeem themselves by gaining the trust of one of the country’s greatest criminals. But with Erik Hardaway’s suspicion of Jessica and Chase’s relationship, his questions about their reasons for visiting his mansion, and Erik’s obvious desire for her, getting out of this situation alive and unscathed will be their biggest challenge ever.

I enjoyed both Chase and Jessica’s characters. I thought they both were very likable and very efficient at their jobs as agents. Jessica struck me as trying too hard to get the job done. It’s mentioned in the story that other characters did not care too much for the way Jessica worked but I thought that she just overcompensated for things she thought she owed. I felt she deliberately denied her feelings for Chase and had difficulties trusting in him. Point in fact was when Chase asked her straight out about her pet, I felt that Jessica should have trusted Chase enough to tell him the truth. I thought it was great how Chase used sex when he became frustrated with Jessica. I loved that Chase stays with Jessica through thick and thin and helps her realize her true feelings.


Double Booked by Sommer Marsden

May 30, 2009

doublebookedDouble Booked  by  Sommer Marsden

eXcessica Publishing

All Blyth wants is a nice relaxing getaway from her wreck of a life and ass of an ex, Johnny. What she gets is a double booked condo with the playboy from Hell. First she walks in on him in the middle of very loud sex. Then she gets caught looking. And God help her, she’s turned on. Unfortunately, he’s on to her and he calls her on it. Anthony is rude, infuriating and definitely a player. Blyth knows she’s in for an anything but relaxing vacation if she’s going to have to share quarters with the likes of him. What Blyth isn’t counting on is being sucked into his vortex of sex or the fact that he seems to be able to push her past boundaries she didn’t even know she had. Somewhere in the midst of his parade of girls and huge ego is a real man. Who has real hurt. And the real part of him is calling to her. First with temptation, then with sex and then something more. She’s just not sure if she’s strong enough to answer.

I found Double Booked to be a very good story about two wounded people who are brought together by a mutual friend to hopefully heal each other.


The Dom Next Door by Violet Summers

May 21, 2009

The_Dom_Next_Door 2.00The Dom Next Door  by  Violet Summers

Phaze Books

Professor Alex Johnson is a teacher by day, Dom by evening. Nadia Flemming is his next door neighbor. While she is attracted to the slightly nerdy conservative Brit next door, she is also a bit intimidated.

Alex decides to show Nadia that he isn’t the shy, sweet man she’s always believed him to be, and sends Nadia on a journey of sensual delights that rocks her world.

The Dom Next Door is a delicious story of appearances that can be deceiving. I enjoyed reading about Nadia and Alex and their ideas of what each other was like.


A Matter Among Men by Destiny Blaine

May 20, 2009

A Matter Among MenA Matter Among Men  by   Destiny Blaine

Siren Publishing

Jack Dawson is solid cowboy. He’s built for a woman’s indefinite pleasure but only one cowgirl has his attention. His body indicates he can deliver on any woman’s fantasy but Darlene knows Dawson’s type. They have tall hats, big ideas and of course, they possess the grandest of them all. She’s not easily impressed until she comes face to face with a man who plans to ruin her for another cowboy.

Jack and Darlene know one another from a past life but hard time and a harder past have changed them both. When Jack shows up on Darlene’s ranch, he makes few bones about it. He’s there to claim the woman he’s supposed to have, the land that belongs to him, and the life he’s placed on hold for far too long. And when he does—he’ll make sure he has a damn good time doing it.

I enjoyed reading this story by Ms. Blaine.  She had everything from young love, loss of family and friends, grief and denial, to sex, betrayal and love renewed. Throw in an arranged marriage and secrets on neighboring ranches and I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it.  It had so many twists and kept me guessing throughout the story.