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Cleaning House

November 22, 2011

So, I inadvertently did a boo boo.

I posted my reviews on my site but I had previously given said reviews to a review website and they had published them. Mind you, this was many moons ago. I was just notified that I can’t put my reviews that I wrote on my site but I can provide a link to the ones that appear on their site (edited or not) that I had submitted to them.

So I’ll be doing a little cleaning here.

With the massive amount of traveling I’ll be doing, it may be a tiny bit before another of my reviews gets posted in full here.

In the meantime, do link to my reviews. They are what I wrote. It’s just that you’ll have to go an extra step to see the old ones now.

And to easy the process ………….

It’s Time To Clean House A Bit

Do A Little Laundry

Wash  Up

Make Everything Squeaky Clean

Don’t Worry

I’ll Be Grinding Away Whenever I Can To Get It All Finished

I’m Hoping Before Christmas

I’ll Be Dropping The Curtain

For The Big Reveal

You Just Gotta Love A Man In A Kilt

I Do

Thanks again for checking out the old reviews through the links I’ll be providing.


Ooops. A special something.

May 27, 2009

I just realized that I posted Pleasure After The Pain by Savannah Chase and that I neglected to put up the review for her fantastic first story Bid For Love. I can only put it down to the flu I have been fighting all week. Sorry. Here it is below. And a little something to make up for my thoughtlessness.


I would definitely bid on this hot fireman if he were up for auction. He was on a calendar I have.




Julian is an Ellora’s Cave model. Just too yummy for words.


EC Julian_02


And in honor of Pleasure After the Pain.


tattoo 33

Pleasure After The Pain by Savannah Chase

May 26, 2009

PleasureAfterPain- 1.99Pleasure After The Pain  by Savannah Chase

Red Rose Publishing

What is your wildest fantasy about getting a tattoo?

A night out on the town with a friend ends up bringing Serena to a tattoo parlor. There she discovers a tattoo that takes a hold of her. Something about it calls to her. Body art can bring pleasure to its owner but this tattoo brings more pleasure then Serena ever imagined.

Will Serena’s tattoo give her more pleasure than she could imagine or will it be a fleeting moment of pleasure after the pain?