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Snowfire: Party Favors by Selena Illyria

December 12, 2009

Snowfire: Party Favors  by Selena Illyria

Changeling Press

Nevada has been working so hard she’s exhausted. Lucian is determined to get her to rest — even if he has to kidnap her and tie her to the bed to do it.

I found Snowfire:Party Favors to be a very small slice of life that left me wanting more.

Lucian is a poor neglected vampire who I think cares greatly for his partner Nevada. I felt bad for him as he needed his partner but she was too busy with work to spend time with him or his family. Lucian’s love for Nevada shows when he plans an elaborate kidnapping scheme to whisk Nevada away for the rest she needs.

Nevada seems to realize that she was pushing aside Lucian and tries to make amends but Lucian is already gone. I thought it was telling that her exhaustion was so excessive that she never woke up through the entire kidnapping. I did find it cute that Nevada turned things around in the story. I thought it showed that she was more than just a workaholic.

I found the Valentine’s surprise that Lucian planned very hot. I wanted to know more about both Lucian and Nevada and the two weeks that he had planned for them.

I recommend Snowfire: Party Favors for a very quick read and I hope to read more of both Lucian and Nevada and their life together in future stories.


Erotikos by Shannon Leigh

September 28, 2009

ErotikosErotikos by Shannon Leigh

Amber Quill Press

It’s been a long time since Renee and her two friends have gotten together for a girl’s night in. What could possibly be more fun than drinking margaritas, gossiping about their recent bed-partners, and playing drunken rounds of Twister until they all pass out? But when Mina shows up toting a bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold in one arm, and a strange game named Erotikos in the other, the girls’ evening is about to get a lot more interesting.

Even before they remove the contents, Renee senses something amiss. This is no ordinary game. Erotikos promises pleasures galore and adventures filled with sexual delight. But how can a cardboard pastime with its small stack of cards, two oddly marked die, and eight pewter men accomplish all this?

After reading the instructions, the girls select their character pieces–an Indian, a selkie, and a vampire. Three men of varying backgrounds, but all sexy as sin and tantalizing to the eye. With a roll of the dice, the game begins, and the three women soon find themselves pulled into a place where their wildest fantasies come to life…


Madam Periwinkle: Outlook Orgasmic by Hannah Beckham

September 12, 2009

Madam Periwinkle outlook orgasmicMadam Periwinkle: Outlook Orgasmic  by  Hannah Beckham

Changeling Press

Terri Smythe, a transplanted New Yorker, is trying to find her feet in Kansas City. After an emergency “save-me-before-I-slit-my-wrists-from- boredom” visit from her best friends, and a shopping spree at Madam Periwinkle’s Erotic Delights, a Magic 8-Ball sets her off on an adventure of a lifetime.

That adventure has one name — Niko. He’s a gorgeous. He’s strong. He’s bold.

He’s also a vampire.

I like the character of Terri Smythe. I thought she was a serious woman trying her best to make a new life for herself. She is studying to be a doctor and leaves everything she knows to move to Kansas City where she can afford to study medicine. This is how she works in the morgue. I thought it was the classic horror movie scene. Working on a dead body but the body isn’t really dead. Or is it? The whole time in the morgue was beautifully written. I could actually feel the vapor in the air and the heat when Niko and Terri first touch was incredible. I felt Terri was like a bulldog in that she never gives up when she is looking for Niko. Her Magic 8-Ball was a stitch. I had a smile on my face every time she would use it.


Hungarian Masquerade by Lara Dien

September 2, 2009

HungarianMasq_Hungarian Masquerade  by  Lara Dien

The Wild Rose Press

Samantha Michaels is getting over her ex by taking an exciting vampire tour of eastern Europe. When she shows up at a costume ball in an incredibly sexy witch outfit, she knows she’ll keep the Hungarian hunks drooling over her lush body—and guessing about her identity. She’s sworn off relationships, but she’s willing to walk the wild side for her last night in Hungary. And the man she’s set her sights on is a dangerously handsome highwayman.

Professor and tourist Nick Tremaine fell for Sam the first time he saw the sexy siren on the Hungarian tour, but his attempts to be friendly were headed off. The ball is the perfect opportunity to prove to her that even a good guy can be a bad boy when he wants to be. He’ll give the sultry witch a night she’ll never forget at the Hungarian Masquerade.

Samantha Michaels is an account who has sworn off of men. Especially smart men. After she was dumped by a man at her work, she decides to go on a tour of Hungary with her best friend, Ellen. Ellen convinces Samantha to wear a sexy witches costume for a masked ball on their last night in Hungary. Samantha is a full figured woman and the costume shows off her curves. I could see the impression she made when she walked into the ballroom with her hair down and dressed in the costume with the mask. When she saw Nick across the room dressed in the long cape, I got chills. The heat coming off their gazes even from across the room felt hot enough to singe the door floor. Then Nick is like a hero, rescuing Samantha from a very large and boorish man.


London For The Holidays by Stella and Audra Price

July 26, 2009

LondonForTheHolidaysLondon For The Holidays by Stella and Audra Price

Phaze Books

Running from a disappointing situation in the states, Thisbe Winters, recent concubine of the king of the ice demons, is a woman learning what its like to be young and single again. She’s determined to enjoy her new status and start the coming year with a completely clean slate.

As a dancer on the club circuit, her chances of meeting a quality guy are slim to none, that is, until loner vampire Malcolm Frost walks into her life.

Sent in as her bodyguard, Malcolm is told Thisbe is a look don’t touch job, a fact he totally disregards after saving the raven-haired beauty from a life-altering situation. She is an indulgence he can ill afford, and a temptation he cannot deny.

Then word comes in of a serious threat to Thisbe from a wolf pack, and Malcolm has to spirit her out of London to his employer’s mansion deep within the territory of a master vampire who has a price on his head. Malcolm was never good at playing nice with others of his own kind.

When Thisbe is taken by the vampires, its up to Malcolm to rescue her, set up a truce and take out an entire wolf pack, ensuring the woman that makes his body burn is his for all time.


How To Ruin Christmas For A Vampire

July 24, 2009

I’m enjoying Christmas in July so I figured I’d do a few more wintery reviews.


HowToRuinChristmasHow To Ruin Christmas For A Vampire by Crymsyn Hart and Dahlia Rose

Phase Books

A hot and feisty next door neighbor leads Jarreth to decimate the gingerbread men with gumdrop buttons littered his lawn. The cold of many lonely winters has frosted his eternal heart, until Diana strolls in with her garish Christmas music, which he can’t stand. He denies his feelings for her, until he finds Diana is threatened by his old vampire flame.

Throwing aside the vow never to love again, Jarreth steps in and saves her only to find out he could lose her one again.

How To Ruin Christmas For A Vampire is a classic example of a love hate relationship. I just loved reading this story. Jarreth is my perfect vampire except for his allergies to wool and Diana Kringle is what I consider to be the prefect holiday character taken to Clark Griswald of Christmas Vacation level.


Winning Virgin Blood by Destiny Blaine

May 10, 2009

Winning Virgin Blood 12.99Winning Virgin Blood  by  Destiny Blaine
Publisher:   Siren Publishing

Las Vegas lures in those with a taste for temptation. If the allure of easy money is craved, there’s no better place to be than Sin City. Orlando Spenser discovers in the desert all that glitters is not gold
when he loses a substantial amount of his family’s fortune. He returns home with a broken spirit, only to discover his kinsmen have decided to send him back to the very place where he almost lost everything. He will return with one goal—to find a suitable mate. When Orlando returns to the desert and locates his ideal life partner, he must convince her to return to his family estate in Scotland. The task won’t be a simple one for the vampire who knows better than anyone that Las Vegas wasn’t built on winners and even when Lady Luck falls in his lap, he quickly discovers she is anything but agreeable.


Winning Virgin Love by Destiny Blaine

May 10, 2009

Winning Virgin Love  13.99Winning Virgin Love  by  Destiny Blaine
Publisher:   Siren Publishing

It’s time for another vampire bride and three sexy-hot rogues are ready to give one beautiful vixen an erotic ceremony she’ll never forget.

Almonzo Spenser’s lifemate is living under his roof. Not only is Tabitha pure hell in a short skirt but she also has some very dangerous secrets. Almonzo isn’t surprised when he finally discovers the woman he’s chosen for his life partner has a deep connection with a very dangerous clan of vampires.

Darian Sabbat is a vampire with mobster connections. He’s created a designer drug that will completely wipe away generations of vampires using the blood of one of their own.

To make matters worse, Darian will be permitted to become a part of the ménage a quatre ceremony that includes one of his most hated enemies and the lovely Tabitha whom he desperately wants to take and
mark as his own.


Winning Virgin Lust by Destiny Blaine

May 10, 2009

Winning Virgin Lust  13.99Winning Virgin Lust  By  Destiny Blaine
Publisher:  Siren Publishing

It’s the morning after a sexual romp and Constance Spenser wakes up with more than a headache. Since she doesn’t seem to know who she is or where she belongs, Sebastian Sabbat buys into the old adage of
finders keepers and that’s just his first mistake.

The Sabbats and the Spensers aren’t friends and when two of their own join for unconventional purposes, the families aren’t exactly pleased they will soon join as one. Add in a little brotherly love and a threesome isn’t going to help save them from the wrath of another brother, especially when the sibling in question is Darian Sabbat.

Darian holds all of the keys to the future of both families. He has a little insurance to ensure the Spensers and the vampire elders know it. He also plans to keep everyone, even his own brothers, completely in the dark.


The Rogue Hunter by Lyndsay Sands

February 10, 2009

roguehunter-799The Rogue Hunter  by Lyndsay Sands

Avon Books

Samantha Willan is a workaholic lawyer. She’s grateful for some rest and relaxation in cottage country, and after a recent breakup she wants to stay as far away from romance as possible. Then she meets her irresistible new neighbor. There’s something strange and mysterious about his eyes. Is it just her imagination, or are they locked on her neck?

Garrett Mortimer is a rogue hunter. His last assignment united Lucian Argeneau with his lifemate, and Mortimer is hoping this one will be less . . . adventurous. He’s here to track down a reported rogue, but fun in the sun is every bloodsucker’s nightmare. Worse, he can’t seem to get his mind off Samantha, especially when he spies her skinny-dipping in the lake. After eight hundred years as a bachelor, is he ready to turn a volatile attraction into a lasting love affair?

The Rogue Hunter is number ten in The Argeneau Series of Books by Ms. Sands. We have the character of Decker Argeneau Pinns, the son of Martine, who with Lucian Argeneau, as their boss, adds to the family connection. Rogue hunters investigate immortals who break council laws and bring them to justice if they are rogue vampires.