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Majestic Lion by Diane Taylor

August 29, 2009

Majestic_Lion_medMajestic Lion  by  Diane Taylor

Firedrakes Weyr

Whoever said Lightning and High Adventure don’t mix? Tara Michaels, student of Asiatic History and avid learner of Mongolian studies, is struck by lightning. What should have been a demonstration of horseback melee fighting for her classmates, turned into a fight for her life on the snow coated forests of Mongolia. Not only that, she discovers that she’s not only in the wrong place, but the wrong time. Literally.

Paired with a sinfully sensual Mongol warlord, will Tara be able to find out what destiny awaits her on the Steppes? Or, more importantly, will she be able to find her way home with her heart intact?

16th Century Mongolia and present day do not seem to have anything to do with each other but this sweeping panoramic tale involves traveling through time to prevent a cataclysmic catastrophe from destroying our modern world.

Tara Michaels is a Mongolian history buff and a re-enactor of ancient fighting techniques. When she was caught in the storm and the lightening hit, I didn’t know if she was alive or dead. Tara has endured so much already in her life with her parents throwing her out. I just wanted her to be well and happy. She finds herself thrown back in time to the Wolverine Clan in the middle of a battle that she basically singlehandedly wins for the clan.  Again, I cried for how much pain one person is left to endure as Tara is severely injured.